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We exported furniture and miscellaneous goods overseas in containers.

Items that are no longer needed by general households and second-hand items purchased from companies were loaded into containers and shipped.

We ship twice a month from our warehouse in Okabe, Fukaya City.

In addition, we support export sales to companies all over the country, and ship containers from ports in various prefectures every month.

It will be carefully loaded into a container that is about 12 meters long over three days.

The shipped products cross the sea and are transported to a recycling shop in Thailand.

It seems that Japanese anime is very popular in Thailand!

It makes me very happy to know that people like Japanese culture such as tableware and furniture that are unique to Japan😄

Some of the photos displayed in Thai shops will be posted.

We will continue to post various information such as changes in demand in Thailand.

Please contact us if you are interested in exporting.


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